Bedtime Stories for Kids

Enlarge Your Kid’s World With Our Collection of Inspiring Books

Reading alone has tremendous benefits, but a bedtime story for kids not only enhances their cognitive skills but also help foster a stronger bond between the parent and the child. The fables of kings and queens, the exciting tales of the animal kingdom, and the tales of other imaginary creatures excite the young minds, ignites curiosity, and offers them an imaginative faculty.

We have an extensive collection of inspiring books that will embed in your child a healthy and benefitting habit of reading.

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Bedtime stories increase visual processing and imagination in kids. By handing them a book or reading out the story to them, you offer them a ticket to any place in the world! We bring you so many bedtime stories for kids to read so that they can enlarge their visions and learn valuable lessons.

One of our newest launches, ‘Spouts’, is an inspiring read for the kids that introduces them to important morals that will enable them in leading a happy and content life. A child’s mind resembles an empty canvas. With the help of books, you are able to paint greater things on it. You instill in them values and messages that stay with them for life and help them become a better person.

We provide the best bedtime stories for kids, bearing in mind the importance of ingraining in the minds of kids values and morals that build their character in addition to allowing them the freedom to imagine!

Why The Bedtime Stories Are Important

Reading bedtime stories mould a child’s mind and opens new doors in it, along with providing you with a time to create cherishable memories. Here is how the bedtime stories will light up your kid’s life:

· the time you spend reading to the kid is full of love, affection, and so many cuddles. Your bedtime stories create a strong bond and cherishable memories for both you and the kid

· it is a great way to wind down the day. The interesting and inspiring stories are a better way to put your kid to sleep

· you can use the stories lessons to teach children habits that speaking alone would not be enough

· bedtime is the calmest time of the day, enabling kids to pay more attention and enjoy the story

· builds vocabulary and understanding

If you are searching for good bedtime stories for kids in English, Eden Bancrofts has a riveting collection that promotes reading, awareness, inspiration and learning in kids.

How To Point Your Kids In The Right Direction

Bedtime stories are a great way to instill in your kids the habit of reading. The enjoyable habit has immense benefts, and you can help your kid to leverage it by:

· helping your child get familiar with the language and books to get more entertained and more thirsty for books

· read aloud to them and discuss each of the words and pictures

· discuss the outcome and the lesson learnt by the story

· enjoy reading to the kids so that they get more intrigued and adopt the habit of reading at an early age

· surround your kids with books by taking them out to libraries, going book shopping, and browsing the internet to get bedtime stories for kids online

At Eden Bancrofts you get incredibly inspiring stories for kids that are the best way to help your kid develop their cognitive capacity, learn important life lessons in an enjoyable manner, and to open up the whole world to them!

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