06 Feb 2020

Your little, naughty one is growing up. You give them care, love and attention, but they need much more. They need good nurturing input, along with your attention. Get your kid books to read so that they can make the most of it. Encouraging reading habits in your kids may seem ‘easier said than done’, and it is, unfortunately. You have to spend a considerable amount of time with your kids, and show a lot of patience with them, in order to make them ready for reading informative books every day.

Don’t worry, we have brought some easy yet effective tips to help you make your kids good at reading. Give a read!

1. Surround Your Kid with a Lot of Books

Being a parent, you are accountable for your kids’ actions, behaviors, and habits. When it comes to habits, it may take months to years to develop one habit. So, if you want your kid to love reading, you need to make sure that they are surrounded by books, instead of games. Give them a short story with good morals to read every day. Remove all the interruptions or barriers that de-motivate them while reading. Ask your kid about the book or story they’ve read. Ask about the moral.

2. Let Your Kid Read What They Want To

What your kid prefers or likes matters a lot. Especially in reading, you should consider their interests. Ask your kid what genre they want to read, what story they like, what writer they love, and as many questions as you can ask. Once understand your kids’ reading preference, bring those books and ask them to read.

3. Set a Reading Routine

Timing is important. Fix a particular amount of time for reading for your kids. Be it two hours a day or twenty minutes, no matter what, encourage your kids to read at a specific time day – every day. Make sure they don’t show procrastination with their reading routine.

4. Let Your Kid Know You Enjoy Reading, Too

Chances are, you might have no idea that your kid sees you as a model and learns from you. What you say to them and what you do in front of them – everything is important and matters a lot. Reading is no exception. If you want your kid to love to read, start sharing your love of reading with them and let them know how amusing the habit is.

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