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Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas. It is a story of a baby whale blessed with an unusual gift. In this wonderful Christmas tale, children will learn that it isn’t bad to be different and that each of us may be blessed with special gifts. Apart from inspiring children, this story will take you on an exciting journey where Mr. & Mrs. Santa with their entire North-pole are going on the Hula Bear Island. Discover what happens next … An exciting journey awaits you.



Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas the story of a baby whale with an unusual gift. In this wonderful whale’s tale children learn that it isn’t bad to be different and that each of us may be blessed with special gifts.

After their annual vacation to Hula Bear Island, Santa and his wife return to the North Pole to find they have a real problem which only Spouts, the baby whale, can solve for them.

This is a great read-aloud story for youngsters at Thanksgiving or Christmas time and is bound to become a Christmas classic.

Illustrations by the late, great cartoonist Joel Beck bring the story to life for the younger set. There are 34 full page color illustrations in “Spouts” by Joel. Although known primarily for his counter-culture cartoons of the 1960s, his illustrations for “Spouts” will steal the hearts of kids of all ages and is the last complete work by Mr. Beck prior to his untimely demise.

Kevin Fagan of the San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Spouts … inventive and refined. The drawings are among Beck’s best and fairly burst off the pages with color.”

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Biography, Drama, For Kid, Romance, Story


Joel Beck, Philip Howe

7 reviews for Spouts

  1. Simmersweet

    Like many of us, Spouts has a hidden talent. Also like many of us, he doesn’t, at first, quite fit into the groove expected of him. However, when Santa’s Reindeer fall ill just before Christmas, Spouts is the only one that Santa Claus can turn to, and his special abilities enable him to save the day, Christmas Day!

    I found this to be a good storytelling, enhanced by the very charming characters created by Joel Beck. The illustrations will entertain very young children, as well as older ones.

    Although it’s about saving Christmas, this is a book that will stand on it’s own anytime.

  2. lareader

    Children will love the story of a young whale who finds his worth through helping others, and adults will appreciate the mythical references in several of the character names. There’s even a curricular bonus: visits to two different biomes (three if you count the neighborhood fly-over.) I also appreciated the no-nonsense, can-do attitude of Mrs. Claus who confirms the adage that “behind every successful man is a woman.” The illustrations are charming and evocative, and the coloration is warm and cheery. Congratulations to the Captain for creating a new Christmas classic. I’m going to donate a copy to our school library. They have a whole section of holiday books, and this one will be a beautiful addition.

  3. Michael Burris

    “A person must not be judged by the look but by the character” an amazing moral which most of the young minds need to learn. I find this book to be highly motivating and inspiring for the young readers. I’m also impressed by the illustrations and the use of colors that defines each character in the story. Would recommend it highly to read!

  4. Lynda Williams

    An inspirational tale! I’s highly impressed by the use of words and the colors in the book. Not just that, I love the paperback version of it and my kids want to read t again and again. I’m absolutely in love with the idea of referencing the Greek mythical creatures in the story.

  5. Gray Sonellie (verified owner)

    I’m highly impressed! The book spouts: the whale who saved Christmas is one of the best children’s books that I have come across by far. I’m intrigued with the color combinations used in the illustrations and the images that displays the characters in the book. I would highly recommend people purchasing the book for their young ones. It can inspire them!

  6. Margaret Phillips

    Children will Christmas stories and Spouts: the whale who saved Christmas is an amazing tale of the young whale who helps Santa to deliver presents. The book is filled with references of the mythical creatures and Greek goddess. I appreciate the language used in the book as well as the illustrations that are really bright and inventive.

  7. Mark Cayn

    A great tale of a baby whale that saves Christmas, Spouts: the Whale Who Saved Christmas is an amazing reader that is inspiring and can encourage the children to learn well. I found the book quite appealing for my children to read. The illustrations especially are high colorful and depicts the characters to be highly appealing.

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