06 Feb 2020

Reading is rewarding. No matter where you are, don’t miss any opportunity to revel in a good piece of writing. And, if you don’t know how to read a book, here we have got some amazing tips.

1. Select the Book Carefully

Not all books can appeal to you, neither have you to scratch your mind with all. Instead, get your hands on the books that you actually love to read, and think you will not get bored in the middle.

The fact is simple – reading your preferred books amuse you. When you enjoy what you reading you want to read more, and improve your reading skills, as well. On the other hand, when you select a non-interesting book, you’ll find it more difficult to give your attention.

So, select the book you love, enjoy your reading experience, and use it for pleasure as well as learning.

2. Don’t Quit.

Don’t show procrastination, and never quit when you are halfway through a book. It is common and many people do ask themselves, “Why am I even spending time with this book?” This is nothing to be worried about. All you have to kill your procrastination, remove all the obstacles that make you quit reading, and encourage yourself throughout the route.

3. Time Your Reading.

Time matters a lot when it comes to reading. Manage your time as per your convenience. Choose reading passages of between 500-800 words. To grasp the idea better, give yourself 20 minutes to write down the main idea that you have extracted from the story.

4. Carry A Book All the Time.

No matter where you are or where you go, make sure you carry a book or two with you. Reading while traveling or waiting for something can help pass your time. So, have a book on hand, and don’t let your time go idle, not even 10 minutes. Newspapers, journals, and magazines are great to read when you are traveling or waiting for your appointment.

5. Take part In Reading Challenges.

Reading is fun and interesting, but sometimes it becomes challenging to put your 100% attention, especially when you have so many other things to do. Partaking in reading challenges can encourage you to read more books. Take an instance of Goodreads – it has an annual challenge reading that fuels your reading objectives, and help you learn more.

6. Make the Most of Technology.

Physical books are great to read. From the smell to texture, everything is irresistible about a new book. In fact, several studies have found that reading print helps you better comprehend the central idea of the story compared to computer screens. In spite of everything, it is not easy to carry those bulky books with you, everywhere. For this reason, it is advised to read a book on your iPad or Kindle. You can also listen to the stories you like through Audible or iBook.

Make use of the tricks mentioned above and see positive changes in yourself. Also, we would love to know what tricks you use to read more books.

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