Captain Philip Howe

Captain Philip Howe has been sailing the world's oceans for over 30 years and has delivered boats across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He is a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain and currently lives his adventurous life in Sausalito, California. His real-life sailing adventures have appeared in famous SAIL Magazine, Latitude 38, and other nautical publications. One of his impressive and famous Spouts Ebooks has captured the fame as the story is based on Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas. It is a beautiful story written with a motive to inspire children. His story books are the inspiration for children and provide them a happy time reading it.

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At Eden-Bancroft Productions, we produce out-of-the-box stories with a motive behind them. The pleasures lie in reading an impeccable good book, extraordinary storytelling, insightful, amusing, and inspiring things, reflecting the creative mind.

At Eden-Bancroft Productions, we cater to inspiring children, books & stories, toys, and TV content. Every book features complimentary moral messages to give a lasting impression in the right way to the children. Our book, “Spouts” and Spouts Ebooks, is inspired by the South Seas’ tropical islands. It is one of the most inspiring books for kids. “Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas” is written and illustrated by Joel Beck, who died 20 years ago. This masterpiece writing services a light that aims to make your little one intensely active.

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